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Occupational Therapy

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WHAT IS Occupational therapy (OT)?

Occupational therapists help people who have an injury or disability that makes it hard for them to perform their work, household chores, school, and other essential activities of daily living. Specific tasks may include eating, showering, bathing, cooking, hygiene, laundry, and housekeeping. Occupational therapy is a cost-effective treatment option with minimal to no side effects compared to Prescription drugs and Surgical options.

Occupational Therapy Services Outpatient

How can occupational therapy help me?

Experts in Occupational Therapy

During your first visit with an Occupational therapist, you discuss your condition and its effects on your ability to perform essential tasks of daily living. Following your assessment which includes evaluating your pain, testing your muscle strength and range of motion, observing how you move, discuss your goals. An occupational therapist tailors a treatment plan to either adapt to the condition or help you recover so you can complete the task independently. Typical treatment includes strengthening exercises, adaptive equipment, stretching, manual therapy, movement retraining, endurance training, etc.

Occupational Therapy Services Outpatient
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