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Therapy at Home utilized various types of therapy to help get to the root cause of your problem. Managing muscle and bone injuries should be consistent and proactive, and there are multiple services that our therapists can do to help!

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

Massage Therapy

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Conditions we treat

Arm Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Head Pain

Lower Back Pain

Hand Pain

Knee Pain

Foot Pain

What's holding you back from being you?

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We pride ourself on servicing a wide variety of conditions! We want you on the fastest road possible to recovery. The more information we know about your condition the better.


Therapy at Home helped me regain confidence. They were great in assessing my situation and working with me to improve my strength and how I function in my home environment. I am grateful for the care I received.

Marilyn Lange

Dr. M was professional, thorough, tough, but compassionate. When I reach my limit on any exercise he knew to let up. But he was persistent and I would not be at my level of recovery without him. Many thanks.

Fran Cook

Therapy at Homemade so much sense for my daughter’s recovery after painful knee surgery. They were immediately responsive and took care of everything. The therapist was on time, friendly and professional. I highly recommend Therapy at Home. We expect my daughter to make a full recovery and back on the ski slopes in no time.

Jody Smith

I had hand surgery and my hand didn't have the strength it had before surgery. I was referred to Therapy at Home, and their team was very helpful in getting me connected to Angie. Not only was she very easy to have in my home, but she also worked with me over a period of months, gave me different exercises to help me get my strength back in my hand, and made changes based on my progress. I would highly recommend TAH!

Mary Jean Green

After a major accident, and several months in the hospital I was attended to by a Therapy At Home therapist during my recovery. The ST, OT, and PT personal were not only professional but also compassionate in making sure I was progressing back to the life I had prior to the accident. Could not be doing it without them.

Jerry Snider

About TAH

About Therapy at Home™

Therapy at Home™ is a comprehensive therapy private practice in the Greater Milwaukee area (located in Greendale, Wisconsin) that emphasizes recovery, prevention and wellness. We offer a full range of therapy services including: physical, occupational, speech, and therapy - all available in the comfort of your home!

We seek to improve the quality of life for patients and their families with our therapy services. More importantly, we want to help promote healthy aging to prevent further measures like the move to a skilled care facility.

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We understand your pain, mobility, communication, cognitive challenges, that impact your quality of life



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